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Friday, 24 April 2009

Hooray - I'm a winner! Kanna Glass Studios

Yay, I won a blog giveaway and I am delighted. Here are the beautiful beads I won from Jenn at Kanna Glass Studios.

I am SO lucky - they look fantastic in her picture. This is what Jenn says about the beads:

"this is a really nice set of 18 (yes, eighteen) small beads. They range in size from 7-9mm by 4-5 mm. Kiwi is a delightful bright, green transparent. It fooled me the first time I used it because it's transparent sheathed in opaque. But that combo creates the above deliciously swirled green beadberries. There are enough to create a beautiful necklace and earrings...and if you space them just right you could stretch the beads into a bracelet as well!

Quality assurance: These are my first-rate beads! I quality check them to make sure they are well-balanced, have proper dimples, are round, and no smokey or scummed glass. I spin them, touch them, and look at them carefully. Any that don't past muster are sent to the seconds jar. I also guarantee my beads...if any don't pass your muster, I will fix it!"

Jenn has recently launched her own website at http://www.kannaglassstudios.com/ which has links to her blog , her Artfire shop and her Flickr pages where you can see some of her beautiful handmade lampwork beads and the lovely pieces of jewellery she has made using her designs. (I only hope I can do her beads justice when I receive them).


  1. Congratualtions you, lovely beads and a great colour xx

  2. Congrats.. those are very beautiful beads!!! :)