Tutorials by K S Jewellery Designs

Tutorials by K S Jewellery Designs
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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Obsession with flowers

For five years as a wirework jewellery maker, I endeavoured to find lots of different ways to include flowers into my designs.  This obsession has carried through to my metalwork jewellery.

Peridot Sterling Silver Rustic Flower Stud Earrings

My flower designs are invariably simplistic and certainly not anatomically correct, however, the shapes and curves within flowers call out to me.  A few years ago my garden was blooming with lots of different flowers I had grown from seed now I make them instead!

A collection of my recent flower jewellery with flowers hand sawn from sterling silver sheet

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Free Tutorial - Hammered Hearts

I've been having an up and down week in the world of K S Jewellery Designs... long story! However, here's something good just for you... you can get my new wirework tutorial for FREE!

I have just finished writing a new mini wirework tutorial entitled 'Hammered Hearts' following a request from a customer for instructions on my design. I have put it up for sale in my website shop for £2.00... HOWEVER... for a limited time only (until 15th November 2013) I will e-mail it FREE to anyone who contacts me via my website www.ksjewellerydesigns.co.uk (using the 'contact me' link).

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Texture and shade

My house has been smelling of rotten eggs recently! My kids keep moaning at me!  I have been exploring texture and shade in my jewellery pieces by adding embellishments to silver sheet or hammering it with different implements and I have found the best way to show off these textures is by oxidising.  Normally I'm a lover of bright and shiny silver but for some reason I'm being drawn to the dark side!

Sterling Silver Embellished Flower Triangle Earrings

Sterling Silver Little Leaves Earrings

Both pairs of earrings are listed in my website shop, my Etsy shop and my Folksy shop.