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Tutorials by K S Jewellery Designs
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Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Happy, Happy, Happy and Happy!

Happy Christmas (a bit belated), Happy Birthday (mine, on Boxing Day), Happy New Year (nearly) and finally... Happy Blogiversary (it's been a year since I've been blogging. Wow, doesn't time fly).

So to celebrate I made these 'Littles Earrings' (fused and hammered fine silver earrings with coiled jewels).

Rubellite Garnet & Amethyst Littles Earrings
(custom order for Christmas)

Kyanite Littles Earrings
(I made these to go with the top I wore on my Birthday)

Garnet & Rhodolite Garnet Littles Earrings
(Another pair I made for myself to wear over Christmas)

And to celebrate my Blogiversary... another Blog giveaway to follow shortly... watch this space!


  1. Hey Kristin!

    Happy, happy, happy! You and my husband share the same birthday!

    The earrings are just lovely. So creative and such wonderful use of stones. Love them.

    Happy Blogiversary and Happy New Year.

    ~ Kathleen :)

  2. Hey Kathleen!

    What a coincidence - your husband must be a very special person!

    Thanks for the lovely words.
    Happy New Year to you too. Here's to 2010.

    Kristin :)

  3. What a nice earrings. I like all color in earrings style and amezing presentation for it. Thanks...


  4. Thank you Jenny, I love making these earrings especially in lots of different colours. I will be making some more soon to sell in my shops. I also enjoy taking photos of my jewellery. I have a new camera and have been trying it out.
    Kristin :)

  5. Happy late birthday and happy everything else!
    The earrings are Goooorgeous!

  6. Thank you Shay, I'm so glad you like the earrings. I like them too! I have been wearing the Garnet and Rubellite Garnet ones nearly every day since I made them.
    Kristin :)