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Tutorials by K S Jewellery Designs
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Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Time for texture

Recently most of the jewellery that has been made at my work bench has featured smooth shiny sterling silver. I do love the result of hammering, sanding and polishing. However, I was very pleased last week to receive a commissioned order for one of my 'hammered circle bracelets' with a textured finish.

Green Aventurine Sterling Silver Hammered Circle Bracelet

And here's what the same design looks like with a smooth silky finish...

Carnelian Sterling Silver Hammered Circle Bracelet


  1. I must admit I love the textures applied to metal. Both look lovely. I do favor the hammered piece. Congrats on the commission Kristin!

  2. Looks good the design are awesome and attracting.
    I like hammer shaped jewelery.
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  3. These are gorgeous!! I absolutely love the textured hammered piece.

  4. I really like hammered jewelry! and your works are great!! :)

  5. Hi Kathleen - thanks for stopping by. It's been fun to get back to texturing.

    Thank you jyoti and welcome to my blog.

    Thank you Som's Studio - I'm so glad you like these bracelets

    Hi Sofia - I like hammered jewellery too! Thank you for your feedback.

    Kristin :)

  6. I love the Green Aventurine Sterling Silver Hammered Circle Bracelet,nice creativity and design.
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  7. Thank you softwaresolt and welcome to my blog
    Kristin :)

  8. Kristin:

    I am a beader who is always looking for beautiful hammered pendants for my work. I am very excited to have found your work in my search for artists with work with silver.

    I'm throwing my name in the hat for your drawing. What I would do with a voucher is buy a pair of earrings for my lovely daughter, who has just passed through a very difficult year in which she has unexpectedly had to single handedly raise her infant son while also working to support them both. What a great idea this is!

    And I will be back to make purchases after selling some of my own work.

    Meredith Jordan