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Tutorials by K S Jewellery Designs
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Friday, 27 January 2012

Genie Drop Earrings x 4

I was procrastinating about which of my current projects to finish and I found myself doodling some shapes in my sketchbook. This led me to want to create one of the shapes with wire. The shape of these earrings reminds me of a genie bottle and feels quite Arabesque.

Sterling Silver Arabesque Spiral Earrings

Once I had got the technique sorted, I wanted to make more earrings.  All of the earrings will be available for sale in my online shops very soon.


  1. I love how smooth your wire ends up. I really need to practice my polishing techniques. I have your flower tutorial, so I know HOW you do it, I just never try! :)

  2. Hi Whimsy - My Wire Flowers tutorial is not the best tutorial to learn how to sand and polish wire as when I wrote it I hadn't discovered that technique, so I only mention it in that tutorial. If you contact me (via the 'e-mail me' section on my blog), I will send you a free copy (as a thank you for all your feedback on my work) of another of my tutorials which explains how to get smooth wire.
    Kristin :)