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Tutorials by K S Jewellery Designs
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Monday, 12 January 2009

Art Clay Silver - Pendants and Earrings

Here are the pendants after firing and burnishing. Picture 1 is the hammered heart and picture 4 is the second heart I made with the circles texture. As I said before, I am pleased with the result of the first one - it's funny how an accident can turn out in the end - maybe it was fate?!

I will incorporate these pendants into some necklace designs but at the moment am pondering about gemstone colours and also whether to go simple or more detailed. Also, I haven't drilled a hole in the leaf pendant until I am sure how I am going to use it.

I had a right argument with my husband whether to drill the holes before or after firing. I said 'after' and he said 'before'. I was worried I might crack the pieces if I drilled them before. So, ever trying to compromise, we tried both (the second heart I drilled before firing). I have to admit, I think he was right as, when using my little hand-held drill, it was really hard on the fired pieces and my wrists started aching immediately.

The sun discs turned out quite well and I have put them onto some of my 'loopy hoop' earwires. They remind me of Aztec suns. When I showed them to my seven year old son he said he thought I should put some gemstones on the earrings. Mmm... I think he might be right, maybe carnelian for the fire of the sun. Although I have some great natural turquoise beads that might look quite good. I think I will have a play around with these earrings before I put them up for sale.

The other earrings I made have a circles texture. I love the way burnishing highlights the raised parts and the indented areas stay with the satin finish from the brushing. I'm happy with these earrings as they are and will be listing them on Etsy, eBay and Artfire later today.


  1. Hi Kirsten,

    These turned out lovely! I have been wanting to try ACS for some time now. When I do, I will remember your drilling experiences, and will drill them before firing.

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful work!

  2. Hi Pippi

    Firstly, thanks for following my blog and being the first reader to leave a comment!

    Secondly, thanks for being so positive about my jewellery - as you probably know it's nice to get some appreciation. I've decided 2009 is the year to get myself and my jewellery out there and hopefully start selling more.

    I fully recommend you give silver clay a go. I bought a starter kit from a seller on eBay for about £30.00 and it has helped me to go a new direction in my seek for texture.

    Kind regards
    Kristin :)

  3. hi, cres from philippines.. i just read ur blog. and i like reader it. one of my hobby also is collecting stones..

  4. Hello Cres
    Thank you for reading my blog. I love hearing from other bloggers.
    Best regards, Kristin :)

  5. Just a quick question. I'm interested in giving silver clay a go, and I've been looking at starter kits etc. How far does 10g go? Is it worth buying that or should I look to buy a larger amount?

  6. Hi Jennie
    Welcome to my blog!
    I would definitely recommend buying a starter kit in ACS. You get lots of tools and equipment and you can do quite a bit with 10g - it might not look much when you open the packet but you can make quite a few things with it (trying out different techniques).
    Good luck
    Kristin :)