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Tutorials by K S Jewellery Designs
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Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Doubly lucky

What a lucky girl I am, I can't believe it - I won not one but TWO giveaways at the weekend!

My first win was this beautiful pink ribbon heart pendant I blogged about a while ago from Mel of Kookie Designs. And my second lucky win was this lovely Lilac Chain Maille Bracelet from Jo of Jolicious.
Thank you so much to both designers. I will wear your jewellery with pride (and if I feel brave enough, I might even post a photo of me doing so).
From the pictures they look like they will go very well together so it must have been fate that helped me win or maybe I'm having a lucky streak..... I'm off to buy a lottery ticket tomorrow!


  1. You are Welcome, your necklace is in the post to you as I type, enjoy :)

  2. Ditto - Bracelet is in the post. Can you buy me a lottery ticket while your at it please!