Tutorials by K S Jewellery Designs

Tutorials by K S Jewellery Designs
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Sunday, 6 September 2009

I've been fusing!

I had a go at fusing fine silver wire last night. It went surprising well, apart from when my husband said 'What happens if you keep heating the wire up?' I held the butane torch over the wire and we watched it get hotter and hotter and then bubble, turn into little balls and then pretty much disappear! That was quite an expensive experiment - I hate wasting valuable materials.

Anyway, here are my first pieces of jewellery made from fusing silver wire. Firstly I made some Super Shiny Hammered Ring Earrings. They are light and delicate but surprisingly strong (an hour in my tumbler helped to polish and strengthen the rings).

Then I made a larger ring from 14 gauge wire. I found fusing thicker wire easier than thinner wire. I used the ring to make a matching Super Shiny Hammered Ring Pendant.

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All in all, I found fusing very satisfying. I had a very late night last night as I went straight on to fuse some slightly smaller rings from the 14 gauge wire which I intend to use in a bracelet design.


  1. very cool! you were able to use a butane torch on 14ga, huh? neat! i just made some flattened ball end headpins today -not as cool...

  2. Fusing is so fun! If you take a bunch of scraps and melt them and then hammer, you can make some really neat little pendants by fusing a bail onto the backs :) You can even make a form/mold into your firebrick to help shape it while melting.

  3. Nice job on your new projects. You are now able to make your own component pieces instead of buying them.

  4. Maire - Thanks, I've not had a go at headpins yet. I must try that as I have some 24 gauge fine silver wire. I'll let you know how I get on.

    SCJ - Turning scraps into pendants and making molds sounds a great idea. I already have lots of scraps left over from my first attempts!

    Preserve Jewelry Studio - Thanks. Yes, making my own components is the plan (as long as I am efficient in their creation and keep the scraps to the minimum)