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Tutorials by K S Jewellery Designs
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Saturday, 7 March 2009

Hammered Circles

My 'Hammered Circles' range of earrings, pendants and bracelets have proved to be some of my best selling jewellery pieces and the design offers itself to so many different gemstones (a different colour for every different outfit!). Recently I made this set in amethyst (one of my all time favourite gemstones as I adore purple).

Then last night I made this bracelet and earrings set using the most beautiful kyanite beads I have seen for a long time. They are a blue/green colour with amazing lustre and colour changing inclusions.

I took the above pictures outside to maximise the colours shown in the beads and discovered a great texture background in my garden bench. I tried lots of areas in my garden to explore different types of natural background. It was pretty cold outside and I wonder what my neighbours must have thought seeing me lying on the damp grass - oh, what you have to do for a decent picture!


  1. I love these!Your images turned out well also, the kyanite shows up great in the natural light and against the wood. Nice job with these and what a delightful way to do silver!

  2. Hi Kristin,
    Great jewellery and that garden bench is a wonderful background. I know what you mean about the neighbours - I take my photos on my patio table because of the natural light and because it is a neutral colour, but I do get some funny looks from people walking past ! Do you fuse or solder your rings ?

  3. Thank you both for such positive comments. I really love making these jewellery pieces because they include two of my favourite things - circles AND texture.

    There isn't any fusing or soldering in these (I haven't learnt that skill yet, although I would like to one day).

  4. I love hammered circles and the kyanite is so pretty. I make mine from fusing fine silver.