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Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Dark and mysterious...

I have been exploring texture and shade with these dark and mysterious flower earrings.  Pink amethyst coin beads sit below petals made from sterling silver sheet which I have sawn, shaped and textured by hand.  The earrings have been oxidised and lightly sanded to highlight the details.

Pink Amethyst Sterling Silver Flower Earrings

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  1. These are lovely Kristin but then I love oxidized silver over shiny any day! I like the combo of the purple with the silver.

    1. Thanks Tracy, I have only ever oxidised a few of my jewellery pieces before but these earrings sort of chose that finish themselves!... I was shaping the petals by annealing and hammering and shaping, then annealing again. As I didn't bother to pickle each time I annealed, the silver got blacker and blacker, then as I was hammering the texture showed up in the black and I realised I really liked that effect. That's something I really love about this jewellery journey, how things happen by chance that can define a design - happy days!
      Kristin :)